El Salvador

April 2008

Where the tourism is a newborn.

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Vacation in El Salvador sounds to many people as a crazy idea. However it is actually very good idea! Pacific Ocean, Volcanoes, Mayan constructions, trips to Guatemala and Honduras, nice people - it's all there. Recommended to everyone!

Royal Decameron Salinitas

The only resort in the country. Offers excellent service and is oustanding "value for money". All Inclusive program offers drinks like Campari and free cigarettes :-).

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Beach Club

Las Veraneras


Golfing at Las Veraneras golf course

La Antigua, Guatemala

Volcano Izalco

Juayua Waterfalls

Mayan Route

San Andres

Joya de Ceren

Santa Ana


What else?

Unfortunately we missed at least following places. 10 days stay is simply too short...

  • Copan, Honduras
  • San Salvador Volcano and Cotapeque Lake
  • Coffee Plantation Tour